The Importance of Parent's Night

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Parent's night
Of the many events that educators are called to attend these days, parents’ night is arguably the most important. Of course, the primary focus is on discussing exam results and general performance of students. However, having a chance for teachers and the heads of schools to meet with parents and to listen to their feelings on how their children’s education is progressing is equally significant in providing an invaluable opportunity for us to optimize the service we provide.

At SFU, we are extremely conscious of the honour which parents bestow upon us by choosing us to oversee the education of their children. With that honour comes a huge responsibility and it is one which nobody at SFU takes lightly.

We can honestly say that everyone at SFU works around the clock to make sure that we are worthy of the trust that has been placed in us. However, working hard is not always the same as working smart and therefore, meeting with parents and listening to their valued feedback and recommendations can often help us to hone our operations in order to meet and even exceed the expectations of our students and their parents.

Therefore, this night represents both a celebration and a renewal of the partnership into which SFU and the parents of our students have entered. It is an alliance designed to mould our students, your children, into the global achievers of tomorrow. In choosing a good school with internationally accredited qualifications, you as parents have set the seeds for a fruitful partnership and it is up to educators and management of SFU to ensure that we fulfill our side of the covenant by providing our students with the standard of education which will afford them a gateway to global employment. We believe we are doing that at present but we acknowledge the fact that we can always do better and partnership with parents is an essential part of the continuous improvement process.

So parents, please come along to celebrate the achievements of your sons and daughters and in the process play a part in the never-ceasing quest for self-improvement which is a defining characteristic of SFU.

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