Kenn Martin Penero

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - SISFU Alumni - Kenn Martin Penero

School of Business Management
Creative Writer
Tagline Communications Inc.

How has SISFU helped in my career?

SISFU has been instrumental in harnessing my skills to achieve what i have today. In three short years, the school has been able to instill in me a strong work ethic and the drive to push myself to become more. With EdExcel, I discovered the true meaning of learning.

Knowledge is not merely passed down to us by our professors, it is all about the willingness and the passion to go beyond what is asked for. Plus, the people I met in school are beyond awesome. The professors, my classmates, the staff. Everyone. SISFU wouldn't have been half as fun without them.

What is my advice to current/future students?

Welcome challenges! No matter how cliche this may sound, things that don't kill you indeed make you stronger. Don't let any of the moments you spend in school pass you by. Take it one day at a time. You have a lifetime ahead of you to do what you must so enjoy!