Culinary Arts at SISFU

Culinary Arts at SISFU

Culinary Institute at SISFU

Start your culinary journey at SISFU

Diploma in Culinary Arts

A six-month intensive culinary programme combining foundation and practical hands-on sessions designed to prepare students for entry into careers in the culinary industry. Topics to be covered range from fundamentals of culinary arts, international cuisines, and baking.

Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship

This three-month programme is structured in a modular setting for students who need to learn practical techniques and strategies for opening a food business.

Students may take F&B qualification.


International Culinary Entrepreneurship

This three-month UK certificate programme may be taken in addition to the Diploma in Culinary Entrepreneurship to obtain international credential for those students who want to explore opportunities and strategies for opening a food business in a global context. It can also be used by the student as entry level into SISFU’s degree program in Business Management.

Why Culinary Arts at SISFU (CIS)?

  • Small class sizes
  • Classes include: hands-on, demos, workshops, and interactive lectures
  • Internship opportunities
  • International certifications
  • Includes ServSafe Programme