Data Analytics – Advanced Applications for Your Organization

Data Analytics Advanced

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This Advanced Generalist Course with a Workshop element will teach you to apply the tools of Data Analytics to a business issue. In this course, we will use case studies to discuss the most important business concepts related to Data Analytics. We will cover strategy, culture, and operating models that organizations can use to capture value from analytics. Additionally, the high-level architectures, tools, and processes are discussed that organizations can employ to implement data analytics and become a Data-Driven Organization.


Module 1: Case: Data analytics with the Titanic
Module 2: Introduction to Business Analytics
Module 3: Analytics Strategy, Vision, and Business Targets
Module 4: Analytics Culture (Mindset)
Module 5: Analytics Operating Model and Governance
Module 6: Analytics Skills and Competencies
Module 7: Data Analytics Architecture & Infrastructure
Module 8: Data Management
Module 9: Data Processes & MLOps
Module 10: Case: R programming/Data Driven Organizations

About The Speaker

Sjoerd Rieske has over a decade of experience as a Data Analytics consultant and has worked in the analytics departments of several European companies in the Banking, Manufacturing, and Airline industries. He was also a lecturer in Data-Driven Business Analytics and Research Methodology at VU University Amsterdam.

Investment Cost:

₱2000 (Regular Rate)
₱1500 (Corporate Rate – 3+ Participants)
₱1000 (Student Rate)