Industrial Visit

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Industrial Visit

On 22 July, 2013, the 2nd Year School of Hospitality Management students from SFU went to The Fort for an industrial visit. The students departed from school at 12:00 pm and arrive at their destination at 1:30 pm. Their first stop was at K-Pub to eat lunch. K-Pub is a Korean restaurant that began its operation on June, 2013. Its specialties are, “Meat Buffets” during lunch, and it operates as a “Korean Bar” at night. The interior design of the establishment is modernized with large screens constantly playing Korean popular songs to offer a Korean culture experience to their guests. The students enjoyed grilling large quantity of different kinds of meat that gave their taste buds different sensations. After their lunch, students had time to take picture inside K-Pub with its Korean style décor.

After the fulfilling lunch at K-Pub, the students proceeded at NBC Tent for the industrial visit. NBC Tent is an event venue where different kinds of events are held. It is surrounded by public and commercial business, and also residential establishments. Inside, the students were able to observe how NBC Tent does its preparation for an event. The interior requires significant amount of manpower in preparing the interior for an event. Inside, the students were able to meet their marketing supervisor, Lody Peaula. She was very excited to meet the students of SFU and even complimented their uniform for looking very professional. She then gave students time to entertain their questions regarding the operations of their business. After the students asked her all the questions they needed, she then toured the students inside the establishment. The students were able to observe all of the establishments’ facilities and have an idea on its operations.

After the visit at NBC Tent, the students had 20 minutes to scan around the area, mainly to observe The Fort strip where all the restaurants, bars, and other establishments were situated. This helped the students get an idea on the establishments around and what kind of people usually go to this location. Overall, the industrial visit at The Fort is a fun and productive experience. This definitely helps students experience the situation in that area that they can use in accomplishing their paper in their Food and Beverage Operations Management class.

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