Franchesca Gail Lopez Won Coveted Journal Award in Global Enterprise Experience

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Franchesca Gail Lopez Won Coveted Journal Award in Global Enterprise Experience

SFU student Franchesca Gail Lopez won the prestigious Journal Award at the Global Enterprise Experience held June at Wellington, New Zealand. Lopez’s winning business plan, "VIO-M Fertilizer: The Wonder Fertilizer”, focuses on developing a self-sustainable business in Ghana using the Vera 7 VIO-M Fertilizer, a natural organic liquid fertilizer made up of tiny micro-organisms that bring back good nutrients in soil, while also eliminating harmful bacteria. This promotes increased healthy agricultural business in Ghana, with mutual financial gains in the developing country, SFU, and other countries worldwide.

The Global Enterprise Experience is an educational competition that develops students’ skills in global leadership, cross cultural management, creative problem solving, and using business to create a better world. The contest ran for three weeks from May 1-22, and the winners were announced on June.

In the 2013 contest, teams of eight people communicated via the web to develop a “six-page business concept proposal that addresses a millennium goal of the United Nations Development Programme.” Each team was designed to be very diverse, with at least one member from a wealthy country, a poor country, a large country, and a small country; all team members spoke English as a second language. The experience was designed to maximize diversity in cultures, religions and world views.

Five SFU students took part in the contest: Lopez and Juan Paolo Aliño who joined Team 59; Nerry Bretaña and Angelo Zulueta of Team 27; and Carlo Puyod of Team 56. They competed amidst 760 other students from 105 international universities in 50 countries such as Columbia, Brazil, Africa, U.S., Russia, Philippines, and China, among others.

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