Parents’ Night

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Parents' Night
One of the many important events held at SFU is the Parents' and Students' Recognition Night. This event gives the parents,teachers, and SFU management an opportunity to talk about the students’ activities in school, the academic requirements and the students’ accomplishments.

Parents are able to meet with specific faculty and talk about their sons’ and daughters’ progress. This is the night when students’ outstanding performance in academics as well as in student organizational activities are recognized. Parents are encouraged to give the faculty and management their insights to help the university excel and support the students’ academic goals.

Therefore, this night is a night of celebration and interaction between students, parents, teachers, staff, and management. It is held in order to help students to be successful in meeting their career and professional goals. By choosing SFU, an internationally accredited school, you, as parents have made a bond with SFU and its members to support the university in its objective of providing quality education that your sons and daughters deserve.

So we invite you, dear parents, to come and celebrate the fruits of your child’s hard work and play a significant part in molding SFU students into global achievers of tomorrow.

The Parents’ and Students’ Recognition Night will be held on 09 March 2013, 5-8pm at Gym 1, Luxembourg Campus, SISC, BF International, Las Piñas City.

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