“Lead. Succeed. Exceed.” Photo Contest

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Lead, Succeed, Exceed

The theme of this contest is “Lead. Succeed. Exceed.” 

The entries must capture the any or all the essence of the following words: 

(1) LEAD depicting moments of leadership, governance or guidance. 

(2) SUCCEED depicting moments of accomplishment, triumph or victory. 

(3) EXCEED depicting moments of going beyond, going the extra mile or surpassing the best.



• The contest is open to all enrolled students and alumni, who are either amateur or professional photographers.

• Photos must have been taken during the competition period, January 28 - February 20, 2013.

• Photos should not have won nor have been published in any book or photography magazine.

• Participants may use either point & shoot or DSLR cameras.

• Images will only be accepted in large JPEG format. No RAW files will be allowed.

• Manually retouched photos are not allowed.

• Creative effects done within the camera at the time of exposure e.g. multiple exposures, flash fill, lighting, filtration, etc. are allowed.

• Digital retouching on density, contrast adjustments, minor cropping, burning, and dodging

may be tolerated, although major manipulation of main images through adding or subtracting are not allowed.


Number of Entries

Each photographer-participant is entitled to submit three (3) photos. Entries may cover any one or all of the three themes.

Submission of Entries

Each entry should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject, “Lead. Succeed. Exceed Photo Contest.” Participant should include in email his full name, course, year in or year graduated & contact number. The participant should also include the photos' titles or captions.

Alternatively, participants may bring their memory card or any media storage containing their entries for uploading at the Administration Office, 3rd floor, Lima Campus, SFU, Las Piñas City.

Deadline for submission of entries is on February 20, 2013 at 8 in the evening.

By submitting entries, the participant's photos become the property of SFU, which will have the right to reproduce, exhibit, or publish the images for promotional purposes, indicating/acknowledging the photographer. SFU may display the prints in a public venue, or publish them for the purpose of promoting SFU, without any financial compensation to the photographers.

Prizes at Stake

Cash prizes will be given to the first three placers.

1st prize: 5,000 Php

2nd prize: 3,000 Php

3rd prize: 2,000 Php 

Visit the FAQ's page for more information

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