“Lead. Succeed. Exceed.” Photo Contest FAQ's

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Lead, Succeed, Exceed

Who can enter?

Any student or alumni of SFU who may either be an amateur or professional photographer. 

When is the deadline?

February 20, 2013. 

Is there an entry fee?


How many entries could I submit?

You may submit up to three photos. 

Do the photos need to have an academic or office setting?

No. You may submit photos of sports, nature, architecture, etc. as long as it clearly communicates the contest’s theme. 

Do I need to cover all three words of the theme, “Lead. Succeed. Exceed.”?

No. A photo submitted may cover any or all of the words from the theme, though portraying more than one may score higher with the judges. Also, a participant may choose to use one word theme for all his 3 entries.  

Can I edit my photos before submitting?

Editing of photos is limited to minor cropping, contrast adjustments, dodging or burning.  Excessively retouched photos will be disqualified. 

Can I use exposure or light effects during the photo shoot?

Yes. Use of creative effects such as multiple exposures, lighting, filtration, flash fill, etc. are allowed. 

How do I submit my entries?

You may email your images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please use “Lead. Succeed. Exceed Photo Contest” as subject. Participant should include in email his full name, course, year in or year graduated & contact number. 

Can I submit my entries personally?

Yes. You may bring a storage media containing your photos to the Admin office for downloading. Take note that we will copy your entries as is. Any minor adjustments to the photos should be done prior to submission. 

Do I need to include caption information?

Yes. Captions are a crucial part of the contest. We must know who or what you are photographing, where they live or where it is. 

What format should my photos be in?

We will only be accepting photos in large JPEG format. RAW files will not be accepted. 

For questions not covered, you may email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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