Practical and Relevant Work Experience with ICHM @ SISFU

Each year students at SISFU undertake Internships in respected local and global hospitality organizations. This year, many SISFU students have been chosen by Bellevue Hotel in Alabang, a 5-star property distinguished by exceptional quality and service, superior guest experience, and a commitment to educate and prepare the next generation of hospitality leaders for their careers.

Bellevue Hotel has been partnered with SISFU for many years and has consistently remarked on the job-readiness, professionalism, and work ethic of SISFU students. SISFU’s ICHM students undertake a full 1500 hours of internship (with paid international internships) throughout their 3-year undergraduate studies. Students learn more, faster, and apply their knowledge in the very industry they plan to work in. They gain invaluable contacts and build a network of friends and colleagues that open doors and invite opportunity. The students pictured above are 1st year undergraduate students taking their first 500 hours of internship experience.

The International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) - Adelaide, Australia, is the No. 1 rated Hotel School in Australia and a Hotellerie Suisse Accredited school. The ICHM Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management at SISFU offers students a tangible advantage over the competition with its balanced approach to practical experience and classroom learning. SISFU’s

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