SISFU’s Ultimate Burger Showdown 2015

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines
Beef, Bacon, Cheese and Bread are usually the main ingredients that a special burger has. But not for SISFU’s culinary students as they battled it out during the Ultimate Burger Showdown! The students took a different approach for each burger they created and all of it was mouth-watering and scrumptious right to the last bite.

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines

With its unique taste and blend of flavours, the students were then judged distinctively according to the burgers they have prepared. The ultimate burgers presented to the judges were Surf & Turf by Clarence Suliva, Heart Attack by Ken Mardo, Mexican BBQ by Emiel Lasala, Spicy Burger with Chimichurri Mayo by Xenna Rivera and Indian Burger by Katsuaki Sekijima. Reigning supreme as the winner of the Ultimate Burger showdown was Katsuaki Sekijima with his Indian Burger entry.

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