Cocoon Boutique Hotel Field Trip

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Cocoon Boutique Hotel Field Trip
September 1st wasn't an ordinary day for the Hospitality Management students. They knew that they were going to have a trip to a hotel that is very new to them. The students were excited to see what's in store for them.

First thing in the morning, the students stepped foot on the bus. They were all having their own world while waiting to go to the destination. While sitting in the bus, the students were wondering what the hotel would be like. They were all wondering if it would be like all the hotels they have been in. Before going on this trip, their professor gave them the hotel's website. In the website, the students could see the exteriors of the hotel. They already had an expectation of the place, although, they still wondered how it would be like to actually step foot on the hotel. 

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Cocoon Boutique Hotel Field Trip

When they arrived, the students were in awe. They have just stepped foot on Cocoon Boutique Hotel in Quezon City. With the name of the hotel, they all knew that the hotel was a boutique hotel. They expected it to be small, but when they got there, they were all surprised.

The students felt really comfortable walking through the lobby. The ambiance was just really extravagantly beautiful. It seemed like everywhere they went, every aspect of the hotel had a hint of nature with it.

They all went in the board room to have a program. The program was about eco-friendly practices that Cocoon is practicing. They were amazed with the fact that every wood in the hotel is recycled wood for tragedies that happened. It just goes to show that anything, even the worst things can be polished. The students were very amazed because almost everything in the hotel is recycled.

After the program, they went for a tour of the hotel. While the students were walking, all of their heads were wandering around. It really felt like they were walking through nature. They were amazed on how the room looked like. It wasn't small, it was gigantic. There was a sofa, and another room for the bed. They were all freakishly amazed by how huge the bathroom was. It wasn't anything that they have seen before.

It was a wondering experience for the students because they have learned a lot about green practices. They were also expecting a not quite fancy hotel, but Cocoon definitely changed their idea of a boutique hotel.

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