Parents' Night and Students' Recognition March 2014

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Parents’ Night and Students’ Recognition
The academic school year approaches an end, and in order to give recognition to the hard work and dedication that the undergraduates have given, Southville held it’s Parents’ Night and Students’ Recognition event.

Students were given awards and recognition for both academic and non-academic achievements, whilst others gave a performance of their talents for all to see.

As parents and guardians of the students entered the Luxembourg gym, they were ushered to their seats and were served cocktails and canapé. Preparing and serving the food and beverages were School of Hospitality Management students, volunteers and scholars.

To start off, recognition was given to students for non-academic awards for accomplishments they have achieved outside of Southville. The students were awarded by national organizations and recognition was given on the night for their success. The awards for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management students were for competitions that they participated in such as the MAFBEX cheesecake competition, the MAFBEX market basket competition, the MAFBEX table setting competition, Moulinex You Cook 2013 competition and Appetite Wars TV5 Cooking Showdown. Also recognized were students who competed in the ADVERCOM 2014’s video-making competition. Non-academic special citations were also given to students who had contributed creative outputs and services to Southville. These citations went to students who had been involved in the likes of events photography and graphic designing. CRADLE members then showcased their artistic talents with enchanting performances on piano, violin and voice.

Academic awards presented by Mr Leo Anoche and Ms Mafe Rebong were given to students who had perfect attendance for the trimester of SY 2012-2013 and SY 2013-2014. Other awards given were the President’s List, High Distinction Presidents List and Dean’s List. They also presented awards to students who excelled in specific courses since Term 1 of the Academic Year, and also those who received awards were students with the highest grade per subject. The highest award possible for academic achievement was the Outstanding President’s List and was awarded to a student who made it to the President’s List for three consecutive terms.

As the event came to an end, this was a time for parents to meet and discuss with faculty members the performance of their son/daughter. Heads of schools also gave updates about the happenings in their schools both for current events and events in the next school year. It was delightful to know what the Southville students have achieved both inside the university and outside. The night was a true showcase of intellect, creativity, dedication and determination.

Southville students, whatever your course and whatever your career path; we wish you the best of luck! Continue to shine – we’re proud of you!

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