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Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Leadership and Emotional Intelligence - MBA Seminar Series
Driver of ROI and Organizational Performance

A new study by Dr. Margareta Sjölund found that 8 out of 9 reasons leaders fail are due to lack of Emotional Intelligence.

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines - Dr. Margareta Sjölund


Founder and Chief Psychologist

This recent study was conducted to address the usefulness and application of Emotional intelligence as a factor in developing managers and leaders, shaping organizational culture and ultimately impacting an organization’s financial performance.

The author is here in Manila and SISFU is privileged to have her as a guest speaker on “Leadership and Emotional Intelligence: The Keys to Driving ROI and Organizational Performance.” This will be on 7 February at 4:30p.m., SISFU campus, Lima corner Luxembourg Street, BF Homes International, Las Piñas City, 1741, Philippines.

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