Grading and Discipline


Course requirements, grading practices, and the computation of grades and how weights are allocated for quizzes, homework, projects, and other assessments will be explained by the faculty at the beginning of every course. The scale below indicates the descriptors, grading scale, and the remarks:

Learner Progress and Achievement
Very Satisfactory
Fairly Satisfactory
Did Not Meet Expectations
74 and Below


SISFU encourages appropriate student behavior based on our 5C’s culture: character, competence, commitment to achieve, creativity, and collaboration – in a nurturing environment.  

Having students who come from diverse and multi-cultural composition, respect, and tolerance for other’s beliefs, religion, and cultural heritage are highly expected from one another.  SISFU believes that students are capable of making appropriate choices in their behaviours.
Listed below are the major expectations and requirements for all SHS students.  Please see Student Handbook for the complete section of school rules and regulations.

School Uniform – Students are required to come to school in complete uniform.  As a Business and Hospitality school, where students are groomed to be future entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders, we take pride in our uniform.  

Please take note that this semester, P.E. class is scheduled every Monday. Therefore students are expected to come in their prescribed P.E. uniform; and are allowed to use it for the entire day.  However, students under Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management track are required to wear their kitchen attire as their first subject in the morning is on Hospitality and Catering Principles.  They will be given ample time to change into P.E uniform after the session.

Class Attendance – This is a must for all subjects. Students are required to attend at least 80% of the classes in all courses.  This includes attendance in lectures, seminars or workshops, industrial visits, and other school related activities.

Tardiness – Student who arrives fifteen (15) minutes late for class will be marked TARDY. Two (2) late marks are equivalent to one (1) Absence.

Speak ENGLISH Policy – English is the global language of business, education, science, and technology. The S.E.D. (Speak in English Drive) of SISFU aims to support in developing students with excellent communication skills, particularly verbal and written English.  A fine system is in place for violators who will be caught using a language other than English.

• SISFU strictly adheres to Republic Act No. 10627 also known as the “Anti-Bullying Act of 2013”.