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International College of Hotel Management

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines 

ICHM (International College of Hotel Management) in Adelaide, Australia was established 1992 in association with Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) and the South Australian Government. It prepares students for success at the top end of the international hotel industry. Its graduates enjoy excellent career prospects obtaining highly sought after positions around the world. The professional hospitality and business skills students learn with ICHM curricula are highly valued and sought after within hotels and also at management levels across a variety of their industries. ICHM provides students with just the right balance of academic study, practical skills and industry internships to set them on the path for success.

The ICHM curricula arm each student with relevant hospitality and business skills so that they can excel in an industry which values excellence and attention to detail in every aspect of business operations.

A balance of learning tools and methods―academic and theoretical principles, practical knowledge and skills development, plus industry internships―prepare the student for the demands of a high-growth global industry.

Foreign University International School Manila Philippines

 A view of Adelaide, Australia. Photo credit: ICHM