Cultivating Mindfulness for Growth and Well-Being


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Mindfulness is understanding yourself and being present in the moment. If you are more mindful of your words and actions, you learn how to express and interpret the present environment. You will create positive connections and increase your ability for self-regulation of attention and personal experiences.
Mindfulness provides benefits throughout your professional and personal life. Improving mindfulness through gratitude, filtering, and active listening will give you the advantage of seeing things in a new light. This workshop has the ability to give you an increased recognition of mental events in the present moment, which provides countless benefits in health, well-being, relationships, and work.
Join us and learn how to navigate these challenges without becoming lost, how to master yourself through mindfulness rather than becoming overwhelmed by the issues of the day, and how to grow with balanced health and well-being at the center.


Module 1: What is Mindfulness?
Module 2: Mindfulness and Your Mind
Module 3: Mindfulness in Your Professional and Personal Life
Module 4: Practicing Mindfulness

About The Speaker

As a leading HRM practitioner who has delivered dozens of training sessions on mindfulness, Ms. Tala Alzona understands the challenges facing all of us as we navigate our busy lives.
Ms. Tala earned her BA Social Science in Behavioral Studies from the University of the Philippines Manila and her MA in Psychology from the Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas. She is currently completing her Ph.D. in Management from the same university.

Investment Cost:

₱1200 (Regular Rate)
₱900 (Corporate Rate – 3+ Participants)
₱600 (Student Rate)