Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.How can I contact the Admissions Center for questions about application procedures?
You may personally visit us at Lima corner Luxembourg St., BF International, Las Piñas City 1740, Philippines or call us at (632) 8820 6774; (632) 8820 9181 or (632) 8820 5952.

2. I'm interested in applying as an undergraduate, how can I secure a brochure?
You may download a flyer from the website or personally pick up brochures from the Admissions Center.

3. How much does the Application Fee cost?
The application kit costs US$30.00.

4. What are the requirements for freshmen admission?
Admission requirements include the filled-out application form, four copies of recent 2X2 pictures, secondary scholastic record (HS 1st year to 3rd year grades) accomplished by the HS Registrar, certified true copy of birth certificate, and two (2) recommendation forms including one from the principal, assistant principal or discipline head and one from the homeroom adviser or counselor. All application-related forms may be acquired from the website or from the Admissions Center.

5. Does SISFU reserve an admission quota for each high school institution?
No, we do not. We admit students based on their aptitudes, capabilities, high school performance, and not the school they come from.

6. Does SISFU offer scholarships?
Yes, SISFU offers scholarships through the Global Dimensions Olympiad Scholarship contest, which is conducted annually with each participating high school’s recommended participants.

7. What is Transnational Education?
Transnational Education is defined as “those programs or courses of study, parts of programs or courses of study, in which the students are located in a different country from the one in which the awarding and/or sponsoring institution is based.”

8. Do you offer scholarships for athletes?
Not at the moment.

9. Are there fraternities in SISFU?
SISFU does not recognize any fraternity or sorority.

10. Do you allow smoking in campus?
No. SISFU is a non-smoking campus. We have policies and sanctions for students who smoke within SISFU and SISC campuses.

11. Does SISFU have accommodation arrangement for foreign students?